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Our auto repair staff are more than just the best mechanics in Spokane. They are fully trained and certified Auto Repair Technicians with the latest information and skills to be sure your repair is done right the first time. We make regular, on-going investments in diagnostic tools, training and equipment to support you and our Auto Technicians.

Lifetime Protection Plans

Ask us about our lifetime protection plans, so you can have peace of mind for the life of your vehicle!

Lifetime BG Protection Plan Overview 

The Lifetime BG Protection Plan is not limited by miles or years!*

To maintain protection:
Service interval: 30,000 miles (50,000 km)
Engine service interval: 5,000 miles (8,000 km)
Fuel service interval: 15,000 miles (25,000 km)

Lifetime BG Protection Plan covers only components serviced by BG products.


Plan 1

Initial service performed within 0-36,000 miles (0-60,000 km) Plan coverage: Up to $4,000 USD per service interval on: Fuel System Engine Drive Line Brake System Cooling System Power Steering Up to $2,000 USD per service interval on: Automatic TransmissionFor vehicles with mileage of 0-36,000 miles at first service. Coverage begins immediately after service is performed.


Plan 2

Initial service performed within 36,001-75,000 (60,001-120,000 km) Plan coverage: Up to $2,000 USD per service interval on: Fuel System Engine Drive Line Brake System Cooling System Power Steering Up to $1,000 USD per service interval on: Automatic Transmission.

Engine & Fuel System$4000
Automatic Transmission$2000
Manual Transmission$4000
Front Differential$4000
Rear Differential$4000
Transfer Case$4000
Power Steering$4000
Brake System$4000
Cooling System$4000
Engine & Fuel System$2000
Automatic Transmission$1000
Manual Transmission$2000
Front Differential$2000
Rear Differential$2000
Transfer Case$2000
Power Steering$2000
Brake System$2000
Cooling System$2000
LeAnn Miller
18:13 24 Jan 19
Benjamin and Scott are always going above and beyond what is expected of your ordinary automotive repair shop. Honest, fair and always willing to take the time to explain exactly what is going on with my car. Can't go wrong here! I will definitely be recommending them to my friends and family!
Tim Hepting
04:50 11 Jan 19
C & H Foreign Auto Repair is always the epitome of professionalism. They always get the work done quickly and check for potential problems. Since we are older folks this is much appreciated. We will never go to another shop. We trust C & H to take good care of our car.
Kailin Edwards
16:22 30 Jan 19
Kindest and most honest shop in town. Their technicians and service people are so kind and their prices (while fairly high) are probably because they hire the best in their field! Free car wash and vacuum with an oil change?! Truly fantastic place.
Aaron Henson
19:41 04 Mar 19
I have been taking my 13 year old X5 to C&H for the last 5 years. Scott and company have always done a great job a diagnosing, estimating and repairing. They quickly became our trusted mechanic shop for both the BWM and the Subaru while we had it.
Chantilly Higbee
00:55 24 Nov 18
I have been taking my vehicle to C & H for at least 3 years. I found their business because several of my friends and colleagues refuse to go anywhere else. Since I have an older vehicle, I find myself needing repairs and maintenance pretty often. Scott and Benjamin are always so helpful. They go above and beyond every time. They are honest and honor their warranty. When I go in for an oil change, they inspect the entire vehicle and let me know of upcoming items on my maintenance schedule. They provide towing services, loaner vehicles and rides which is so helpful with my busy schedule. I now live outside of Spokane but still seek their services whenever I can because I know how thorough they are in their work. There simply isn’t any other shop in Spokane that has the golden reputation C & H has. The staff also appear to be well taken care of, which is important to me as well. Im so thankful for the service they provide.
Carleigh cameron
02:18 21 Jul 20
I called to schedule an appointment to get a newly purchased used car looked over on 7/3/2020. They scheduled me for 7/10/2020. I have an extended warranty that covers most repairs that my car would need with a $200 deductible including the repairs found by C & H Auto Repair. “Employee x” left me a voicemail that he had spoken with the extended warranty claims and said, "everything should be covered and there would be no testing time needing to be paid as long as they found something covered by my warranty in the suspension." I received an email on 7/10/2020 that they had spoken with my extended warranty company and were given "authorization for $1678.52. The total for the repairs would be $2883.25 with the difference of $1204.73 being your (my) responsibility." I spoke with employee x about the fact that I have a $200 deductible that covers the repairs needed. I was told the shop needs to "make sure they have a way to keep their lights on." They kept my car over the weekend because parts needed to be ordered. I was then told on 7/13/2020 that he spoke with my extended warranty again and found that the price of the repairs would be different depending on what I chose to get fixed. Apparently choosing to get just the driver door actuator fixed would cost $829.90 which would include my $200 deductible. If I chose to get both the driver door actuator and the sway bar link rods fixed my total would somehow be cheaper and cost $780.41. The rear coupler would cost an additional $290.42. If I did nothing I would still have to pay them $300.03 for their time plus whatever time it took them to reattach my door so that I could take it somewhere that would do the legal thing and honor my warranty. I chose to not walk away without getting at least something fixed and have to pay them for their time. I got the door actuator fixed as well as the sway bar link rods fixed. I spoke with the dealership where I purchased the vehicle as well as the extended warranty from and they assured me that the mechanic shop was being unfair and doing something illegal. I then asked to speak to the manager named Scott. I voiced my frustrations for the first time throughout this process. He used the same phrase employee x did about the business needing “a way to keep their lights on.” He then went on to explain to me that it is like medical insurance and you have to pay a copay. I said, “Yes like my $200 deductible.” I assured him I will never be back. Today 7/20/2020 I spoke with my extended warranty and the extended warranty company paid them $800 on 7/14/2020.
Suzie Saunders
20:13 05 Oct 19
They drop me off at work after I drop off my car for service. They send me an email with recommended services that are beyond what it was dropped off for. They have an adorable SHOP DOG named Maverick who is the goodest of boys. And they are honest and do a great job on my car. It comes back washed and vaccuumed and running great every time. I can't recommend this place enough! Top quality auto care and customer service.
John Priddy
13:06 28 Jul 20
This service turned out to be much more expensive than we anticipated but the task was one that was very important. It was discovered that the part that was replaced had been the wrong thermostat since the original build. We now have the correct part installed thanks to C&H so we're anticipating improved performance in the cooling system going forward.
Steven Tippett
21:15 26 Jul 20
Not everyone can service Volvo. C & H has the employees that know what they are doing. Lets you know what needs to be done with a cost for the work. Drives you back to office or where you need to be while they service your vehicle. It is washed, vacuumed for your return.friendly, remembers your name and your vehicle so you don't have to explain all over each time.Great Crew!
Leesa Cushman
14:50 28 Nov 16
Always nice. Always honest
Larry Karlson
17:06 12 Jul 20
We have had our Lexus and our older Toyota serviced and maintained by C&H for quite a few years. If you value honesty, professionalism and top quality work, done at a fair price, C&H is the place to go. We would not even consider going anywhere else. Their premium quality, service and professionalism is extraordinary. If your car needs it, they will tell you ! If your car does not need it, they will tell you !
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Emily Z.
2018-07-28 08:15:13
Phenomenal customer service and incredible level of detail provided. Exceeded expectations and provided great future servicerecommendations without being...
Jerry C.
2017-09-06 08:32:16
I recently purchased a 2017 Volvo. Only problem is the Volvo dealership closed their doors in Spokane (Spokane Volvo Autonation) which left Seattle or...
Lindsay W.
2018-07-23 07:37:46
Out of town and check engine light came on in our Volvo. No appointment, but C&H was able to check codes immediately and get us on the road home. C&H team...

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