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The Future in Hydrogen Cars – A 100% Different Way to Drive

Hydrogen cars like the Hyundai NEXO, Honda Clarity Fuel Cell and Toyota Mirai are the future of new vehicles and they’re finally becoming more available for mass market. Currently, models are only available at select dealerships, but the tires are on the pavement and that’s all it takes for an industry revolution.

Similar to electric cars, the hydrogen powered vehicle market is at the brim of exploding. Fuel cell cars use hydrogen to power the vehicle. Hydrogen is a relatively abundant resource, which should make them affordable as the market expands and fueling infrastructure improves.

Foreign auto makers like Toyota, Hyundai and Honda have made a long-term commitment to hydrogen vehicles. Hydrogen makes up an estimated 90% of all atoms in the known universe, so harnessing the power of hydrogen would change the outlook of travel and costs indefinitely…

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Christmas at C&H Foreign Auto Spokane

9 Tips for New Drivers

A Few Tips for New Drivers

We were all there once – our head empty of tips for new drivers, we were new to the road and much more reactive to the somewhat crazy idea that these massive machines move (mostly) symbiotically along the roads. There are a fair few things we all wish we would have known a little sooner – and a fair few things that seasoned drivers seem to often forget. Get out there and enjoy the road but read through this list first to make sure you are prepared…


Why is Vehicle Alignment Important

There are plenty of things to know about vehicle alignment, but there are some basics we should all know – and a question you should definitely ask yourself is: why is vehicle alignment important?

Alignment is a very significant feature to your vehicle. It keeps you driving safely, keeps your vehicle in good condition and protects other assets of your vehicle like tires and the surrounding parts. Something that might surprise you is that you may think your tires look perfectly straight at a glance, but if you look closer, you may notice that the wheels are askew – this would mean it’s due time for an alignment…


Interesting Facts About Vehicles

We get in our vehicles almost every day or, oftentimes, several times per day, but sometimes we are unaware of hidden features and interesting facts about vehicles. Some of these features are right before our eyes and others are hidden secrets…

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6 Great Ways to Properly Maintain Your Tires – C&H Foreign Auto Spokane

Normal Driving Habits to Maintain Your Tires

Knowing how to properly maintain your tires is very important and it begins with normal driving habits. Normal can be a loosely used term in most instances, but when it comes to driving, it refers to non-eccentric driving patters like not slamming on breaks often, peeling out or going off-roading. Normal driving habits can help with long-lasting tire life.

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What to Look For When Your Brakes Are Going Out

How do you know your brakes are going out? Getting your brakes fixed is a very important task in maintaining your vehicle. When your brakes are going out, there are many things to look for. Some of the signs of brakes going are grinding noises, a shaking brake pedal and warped rotors. At C&H Foreign Auto  Spokane, WA, we love to perform brake inspections and replacements in our repair shop.