Having a holiday commute in your foreign auto and then getting home safe in the Spokane area is one of the most important trips we make all year. Home to see mom and grandma sounds like the most wonderful thing in the world to us at C&H Foreign Auto. Be sure the get there safely by following the guide in this blog!

Do Not Drink and Drive

Using a rideshare service like Uber to get home for your holiday commute after a holiday party is a much better idea than going on a drunken rampage. A designated driver could also save you money and time – most importantly, it can save lives!

The rideshare diver may not have a nice foreign vehicle in Spokane like you do, but riding in a different car is temporary – bad choices are forever!

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Avoiding Drowsy Driving

We have all had to drive while sleepy, but there is a line where we need to recognize when it is unsafe to drive. If you are traveling to see family in the Spokane area or out of town, maybe try going to bed earlier the night before to avoid drowsy driving the next day. Your foreign car repair specialists want you safe at the holidays!

Drowsy driving can cause a variety of adverse health effects, including impaired judgment, decreased reaction times and reduced awareness of surroundings.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration estimates that drowsy driving is responsible for a large number of crashes each year. They say that 91,000 accidents in 2017 were caused by fatigued drivers. We don’t want any foreign vehicles of Spokane to end up as one of those numbers.

The NHTSA also says that adults who get less than six hours of sleep a night are at a higher risk of fatigued driving. The average American adult should get seven or more hours of sleep each night to reduce the chance of getting behind the wheel while drowsy.

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Avoid Distraction

The holiday commute season is cold in the Spokane. Shivering in your vehicle at the beginning of your holiday commute is no way to start the holiday commute. Shivering in a cold vehicle is distracting. It can cause you to be very distracted and no be able to pay attention to the road well. Take the extra few minutes to start the car before the trip and everyone will be happier!

The best way to make sure your travels are hassle free is to be prepared, especially if your commute consists of road tripping it to the stars and back! Using a quality GPS tracker to guide you to your destination is a must, especially if you’re on the road or in a carpool.

The best way to make sure you’re on the road is to be aware of the traffic conditions. You can be prepared and more on alert if you know there is inclement weather or several accidents on the way.

Be Aware of Reckless Drivers

During the holiday commute, you should be aware of reckless drivers. In fact, the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration attributes an increase in the number of traffic fatalities to reckless driving. Fortunately, there are ways to avoid the most common hazards on the road during the holidays.

One of the best ways to prevent an accident is to stay home. You can also protect yourself by not chasing reckless drivers. Instead, focus on what you are doing.

In addition, you should be careful to stay within your lane. If you are in a lane that is close to a truck, for example, you should leave enough space to avoid being cut off. You should also avoid changing lanes quickly in front of a truck. This is a particularly dangerous practice because the truck might not have time to stop.

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Obey the Rules of the Road

Whether you’re hitting the highways or hitting the open road for your holiday commute, obeying the rules of the road is the only way to go. Here are some tips for doing just that. It’s the holiday season, after all. A safe and secure travel experience is the top of your list, so take the tips mentioned above into consideration.