When your car breaks down and you need to find a good foreign auto repair shop, you should make sure to go for a local foreign auto repair shop with certified mechanics like C&H Foreign Auto of Spokane, WA. These mechanics are trained to work on foreign cars and have access to the best spare parts for foreign auto repair and foreign auto maintenance. Foreign auto repairmen at C&H Foreign Auto repair shop are trained to work on the easiest and most difficult repairs and tasks to ensure your repairs and maintenance are done with expert accuracy and efficiency.


Shopping Local Means Supporting All Local Businesses, Not Just Retail Shops!

We all know it is important to support local businesses. At C&H Foreign Auto repair shop, we appreciate our dedicated customers who know how important their local business is to us. We cherish the sentiment that our customers keep coming back time after time to keep our local business thriving. We wouldn’t be the #1 foreign auto repair specialist in the Spokane Valley if it weren’t for the support of our customers!

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Why Do We Shop Local?

Choosing to shop local can have many benefits. It can create jobs, cut down on waste and help you feel connected to your community. When you choose C&H Foreign Auto repair shop in Spokane, WA, you are choosing a local member of your community.


Creating Jobs

By supporting small businesses, consumers are supporting investment in their communities. Independent businesses have more opportunities to hire local workers and purchase inputs from local suppliers. They are also more likely to do business with local financial institutions. Thus, every dollar spent in these businesses creates a greater multiplier effect. And, by shopping locally, consumers are also supporting the ever-important local economy.


The local economy is a major engine of job creation. Shopping locally helps local businesses flourish, boosts home values and creates a healthy work environment. It is also more convenient and efficient than ordering items online, which can take weeks or months to arrive. Moreover, local businesses generate more tax revenue and can attract more investments.

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Small businesses create more jobs, and their revenue flows back into the community. By supporting small local businesses, consumers support the American dream and other entrepreneurs. Shopping locally can be as simple as going to a local corner store or a mechanic like C&H Foreign Auto.


Feel Connected to Your Community

One of the best ways to connect with your community is to shop local. This will give you the opportunity to meet your neighbors and fellow customers. You can also make new friends and learn more about their lives. It is also the best way to network and share ideas with your community. Shopping locally helps local small businesses thrive and grow.

When one neighbor tells another about their local foreign auto repair shop, like C&H Foreign Auto repair shop, that person can go to that business and experience excellent service and experienced technicians. They will in turn be able to extend the news of this great experience to their friends and family, who will be able to have the same great experience and be able to share it. Being able to share knowledge of a great business and help to support that business within a community helps the business and community members thrive.

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Support Your Local Economy

When you shop locally, more of your money stays in your own community. Small businesses depend on other local businesses to provide the goods and services they need to stay in business, so the money you spend benefits other businesses and nonprofits in the area. For example, if you spend $100 at a local business, $48 stays in your community, compared to only $14 when you buy from a large chain (on average).