We get in our vehicles almost every day or, oftentimes, several times per day, but sometimes we are unaware of hidden features and interesting facts about vehicles. Some of these features are right before our eyes and others are hidden secrets.

Interesting Facts About Vehicles


Fuel Door Indicator

If you go out to your vehicle right now, you’ll find something you likely didn’t know was there – or moreover didn’t realize was staring you in the face. If you look at your gas gauge, sometimes the called a fuel indicator, you will see a little arrow next to the gas icon. Usually, this looks like a little gas pump. The arrow next to the little gas pump icon indicated which side of your vehicle the fuel door is on. No more scrambling or forgetting at the last minute.


Back Windows in SUVs

Have you ever wanted to get more airflow throughout your vehicle? Some vehicles, like Toyota 4runners, have a back window that rolls down and is about half the size of the back hatch. It’s all the air flow you’ll ever need without being battered by the wind like in a Bronco or Jeep with a pull-off top.


All About the Honk

Did you know that there is a general key that most horns honk in? That’s right, most horns sound pretty similar and honk in the key of F.


Blinker Fluid

Depending on the age and experience of your friends and family, you might be able to trick them with this funny gag. Some people truly do not know that there is no such thing as blinker fluid. You can even buy a gag gift on Amazon through this link: click here for a link to the gag gift!


Ferrari Only Makes a Few Cars Per Day

This is a great fact for our list of interesting facts about vehicles. Interestingly enough, one of the world’s most beautiful cars is produced on a very small scare. While top brands like Toyota and Honda will manufacture about 10,000 vehicles per day on average on a global scale, Ferrari only manufactures about 14 vehicles per day. The detail and craftmanship this allows is next to none.


The First Ever Speeding Ticket

interesting facts about vehicles

This is a fun-fact that we are sure not many know and certainly worthy of the list: Interesting Facts About Vehicles. Did you know that the first speeding ticket was given out for someone going only 8 mph? The culprit was driving an 1896 Motor Carriage and, according to the UK publication Mirror, this was four times the legal speed limit at the time. The laws were later changed to reflect more realistic speeds in vehicles. Tell that to a Tesla!


There are How Many Parts in a Vehicle?

You might be shocked to hear how many parts there are in your vehicle. If you look around your vehicle, you might be able to come up with a decent guess, but it’s truly incredible how many tiny parts and pieces it takes to put a vehicle all together. The average vehicle has about 30,000 individual parts. This accounts for each and every little thing like the buttons, knobs, plastic accessory pieces, seats, anchors, tires, lug nuts, wheels and all the rest. Don’t try to count – you will be bust for a while!


How Many People Can Fit into a Smart Car?

You will be surprised by this one! Remember when Smart Cars came out and we would all say, “I wonder how many people you can fit in there?” Well, some crazy kooks decided to test it out in Italy in 2014 and figured it out for us inquiring minds. According to Guinness World Records website, 20 people can be squeezed into a smart car. That might seem a terrible feat, but it was accomplished and many have attempted to break the record since.

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