Fun Summer Auto Shows

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Summer Car Shows in Eastern Washington

I had never been to a car show, but I was lucky enough to be visiting Spokane when the Inland Northwest Car Club Classic (INCC) took over the downtown corridor. The streets were closed traffic and were instead filled with families, auto enthusiasts, car club members and cars…lots and lots of cars and trucks in all directions.  At this event scholarship funds raised by the different car clubs were presented to local high school graduates.  I was left wondering if there were other car shows held during the summer throughout the state.

Summer Car Shows in Western Washington

There have to be similar car shows on the Western side of the state too, so I did a little research and lo and behold there are a lot of them.


 All these car shows will certainly get you thinking about cars, and when you think about cars think about C&H Foreign Auto Repair to keep your can running like a champion.