We specialize in Volvo, BMW, Audi and Volkswagen auto repair service.
In the Spokane, WA area C&H has service experts in foreign auto repair on brands like: Volvo, BMW, Audi and Volkswagen. Bring your Volvo, BMW, Volkswagen or Audi to us. We will answer your questions in a detailed and easy to understand format. We understand your foreign cars. It is a way of Life. Do you need service on your Volvo XC 60, VW GTI, BMW 1 Series or your Audi A6, Q5 or Q7? We can handle all of your foreign service repairs at C&H.

C&H Foreign Auto is your Local Spokane, WA leading repair center for
Volvo, Audi, BMW and Volkswagen.

Mileage Trigger service and maintenance
Brakes, shocks, tune-ups, electrical, A/C and diagnostic troubleshooting
Major engine repair, tires (yes, even tires) and alignments
All replacement fluids, parts and systems – headlights, wipers, coolant, oil, power steering fluid, brake and transmission fluids, etc.

We can, and do, address everything on your vehicle – bar nothing.

A MILEAGE TRIGGER is a shop term that is related to service and maintenance requirements usually set forth in your owners manual and manufacturer guidelines. These guidelines are obviously based on the mileage of your vehicle.

Our goal is taking care of your vehicle to the extent that you never have to worry about voiding your warranty, missing a maintenance element (may be as simple as windshield washer fluid) or being travel ready at all times.

RAM MCFERGUSON ACT – states that as long as the servicing/repairing facility adheres to the original equipment manufacturers’ guidelines, you are not required to have warranty service and repair work performed by a dealership representing the make/model of your vehicle.