Our head Technician is Ed Cushman – a founder of C&H Foreign Auto. Believe it or not, Ed is a shy person and did NOT want the following information to be put on this web site. However, it is important for you to know what kind of dedication, knowledge and flat-out passion he has for the work he & Cindy’s company do for you. Here are just some of the credentials behind the man, behind the ‘H’ in C&H.

Qualifications / Awards

  • ASE Technician of the Year (State)
  • ASA Member of the Year (State)
  • ASA National Chairman’s Humanitarian of the Year
  • ASA National Chairman’s Recognition Award for Outstanding Contributions to Industry President of AMI (Automotive Management Institute) (National)
  • ASA President, two years (State)
  • ASA President, 4+ years, Spokane, 20+ years as Officer, 12 years on the Board
  • President of Spokane Skills Center Advisory Board
  • Chairman of Spokane Community College Automotive Technology Department
  • Chairman of the Spokane Skills Center Foundation Board
  • C & H won the AGORA Award as the Small Business of
    the Year in 1996 from the Spokane Chamber of Commerce
    and was runner up in 2002.

Scott Cushman, Ed’s son, is the apple that has fallen close to the tree. He is already the Vice President of the Spokane ASA and a graduate of the Wyoming Technical Institute as well as the Renton Automotive Technology Technical College.


Remember the TV show the Six-Million Dollar Man? In 1977, when the Six Million Dollar Man was on the air, some cars had (1) control unit, perhaps for the fuel system – today there can be as many as 23! We probably won’t have to, or necessarily want to, rebuild your vehicle from the ground up….but we could! We have the technology that today’s vehicles require to properly diagnose and either service or repair your vehicle.
It is estimated that today’s vehicle systems are at least 80% controlled by computer chips and/or specialized technology.